Yolualichan, a Nahua village, here the textile traditions of the region are still strong. Many women wear embroidered blouses, backstrap woven belts and quechquemitls. Bob Freund 10/26/2005 For more infomationcontact:info@mexicantextiles.com

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Celia Avilla
Materials for textile production
The ruins
traditional belts for sale
Lucila Gutierez
Town views and the collective
craft collective
Yolualichan is a town dedicated to the traditional textiles of the region. there are at least three textile collectives in the town.. The oldest is called "Maseual Siuat Xochitajkitini" which means “indigenous women weavers of flowers”. This is the oldest collective in town and has a small restaurant just before the ruins. The Totonaca ruin located in the vilage are from the 8th century. The collective tries to promote a fair price for the textiles and in continually developing new product. They have a broad selection of textile product there at the store and are often on the road selling at shows.

The traditional costume is shown in the first picture and a never color combination that has recently appeared among the younger generation. Lucila has a store bought skirt on while Celia has the full traditional costume on. The follow pages show a broad variety of textiles products from the village and the costumes from my collection.