Acatlan, Chilapa, Guerrero is a traditional Nahua town where costume and tradition are well preserved. The dress is a large embroidered tube skirt with a woven belt and hand embroidered huipil. This costume is no longer used on a day to day basis.
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The town of Acatlan locate just outside of the municipal capital Chilapa, has lost its textile traditions on a day to day basis. It is interesting that there are a number of weavers and embroiderers that continue to product the costume. The nearby traditional town of Zitlala buys its costume from Acatlan. The costume consists of a short open sided huipil embroidered with a “satin” thread with large floral designs. The large wrap skirt is woven on a back strap loon and embroidered in rows of colorful floral and animal patterns. The shawl or rebozo is also woven on a backstrap loom and embroidered.

During a recent rebozo shop in the National Museum of Popular art located in Coyoacan the vendor from Acatlan Lucia Aveino Naranjo posed for these pictures. The skirt she is wearing is an adaptation of the wrap or tube skirt and is pleated with an elastic waist band which make putting the skirt on a breeze.