San Geronimo Palcontla is a remote village in the Sierra of Guerrero.There are 17 other communities that surround San Geronimo that wear similar costumes. These towns can not be found on any map. In fact the State of Guerrero in thier out of print booklet on crafts in Guerrero spells the name of the town wrong. I don't recommend this village for the casual traveleler.. Bob Freund 8/24/2006
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San Geronimo Palantla

( Pacontla ) is located somewhere in the Sierra of Guerrero near Chilapa, this is not a easy place to find. I hired a guide it was about 2 hours on dirt roads. It is not on any map that I could find.

When we got to the village, the guide paid off almost right away, most people only speak Nahua. He found a family that makes the costumes. The costume is unique, it is all store bought material and lace, however the colors and composition is fantastic.
This blouse that is worn under the over blouse.
The costume I purchased in the town. There is some confusion over the name of the town, I was sure that the people called it San Geronimo Palantla but in another book it was called Pacontla.
The seamstress, when I broke out my camera everyone headed for the hills. I then used my video camera to take a video of their dog and they all relaxed and were amused.