Xicotepec a non indian town with a large population of both Nahua and Totanaca indian close by.
These pieces are going to speak for themselves.
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Xicotepec is a meztiso town sourrounded by traditional villages or villages in transition. It is on the old Highway from Tulancingo , Hidalgo to Tuxpan Vera Cruz. When the auotpista is finished it will be about 4 hours from Mexico City.
I found this vendor during the market on Thursday in Xicotepec. She had these embroidered pieces, they are incredible in detail. I will not comment to much on them. They speak for themselves.
The pieces she had, I bought all of them. They seem similar to Chole Sayers Plate 42A in her book Mexican Patterns. She identifies this style as from Huilacapixtla, Puebla.
Market in Xicotepec. Xicotepec has a pre hispanic treasure called La Xochipila. It is a sacred place to the local indians. We were there recently and it was being cleaned up.
reverse of one of the embroidered pieces.