The Hueyapan district of Puebla has a number of village which conserve traditional dress and many back strap loom weavers of extraordinary shawls and rebosos. Bob Freund 10/27/2005 For more information

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Hueyapan, Puebla has a number of collectives set up to promote their textile crafts such as shawls and rebosos, they are woven on back strap looms. During a visit there in 1993 I was able to buy the costume that is presented here in this gallery. The blouse has a distinctive gathering on the sleeve the traditional reboso is shown on the top row, last photo. The skirt is made of synthetic fabric and tucked to have many pleats. The embroidered blouse is worn like and undershirt often, the over blouse covers the embroidery as you can see on the following page.
While Hueyapan is the name that most people are familiar with there are a number of small towns and villages that participate in the back strap weaving of the shawls and embroidered blouses. The belt is similar to those worn in the Naupan region of Puebla.