Coacoaco, Ilmatlan is a very remote village which has no roads connecting it to the state of Vera Cruz.
Bob Freund 12/26/2005For more information

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Coacoaco, Vera Cruz is one of those towns that is little visited due to its remote location. Although part of Vera Cruz the roads that lead to the town , and is its only access, comes in from the state of Hidalgo. On this mountain range there are many villages like this one, isolated but progressing. Once you arrive at the town the road is paved through the principal street, there is also a large medical clinic there.

As is often my custom I went door to door asking permission to take pictures. This was complicated by the fact that only the youngest people that I encountered spoke Spanish. After a while I found Augusita Cuevas, her grandchildren helped translate and urged her to cooperate. When I was talking to the young people they expressed the same sort of distain of the embroidered blouses that I have found in so many places. They really don’t want to be view as Nahua. That is why this work is so important.