San Rafael Axolota, Puebla a small Nahua village has all but lost its textile tradition. There are a few elderly women that still wear traditional embroidered blouses. Bob Freund 10/27/2005 For more information contact::

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The new road up to the town
Boiling corn for tortillas
Jovita Guzman de la Cruz
San Rafael Axolota is a very small village perched on the side of a hill, the road is very recent you can see it in the second picture. During the visit there I found the village leader and explained my project. He brought me to his 96 year old grandmother. In this town, although they continue to embroider, only the most elderly still wear traditional costume. Jovita Guzman de la Cruz spoke very little Spanish. She lived in a small house in the family compound, were she continues to participate in the family activities. . The family was in the process of preparing corn to make tortillas, Jovitia was seated in her home taking the kernels of corn off of the cobs.. On the top row, there is a picture of the boiling process, notice that the corn cobs are used to boil the corn.