The Nahua are the largest indigenous group in Mexico, the Mexican government says there are 1.5 million, the Nahua say there are 4 million, I agree with them. The Nahua of the Sierra Norte of Puebla are a large and diverse group, on one side of their territory are the Otomi on the other and in between are the Totanacs.

The Sierra Norte of Puebla has hundreds on villages in various stages of transition. The Nahua of certain areas are closely related, while not to far away the dialects are not well understood between them. The villages around Huachinango and Cuetzalan, Puebla have a lot to in common in the way of customs but nothing to do in the way of textiles. Except that these textiles create an identity of region and of village.

Like most Indian areas the central market towns are controlled by meztiso as are most of the large parcels of land. The Nahua persist in their towns and villages, factor such as immigration to Mexico City and the US is having a profound impact on their culture, not to mention TV and new roads.

Enjoy these pages; some are very large, well….. because the culture is so rich.