Tehuipango, Vera Cruz is locate at the end of a new road which begins in Tequila, Vera Cruz , the altitude here is 3000 meters (9842) feet. The town has been recently paved and there is a lot of road building going on which will connect a new archeological site and Mixtla. This new road will be a circuit around the main municipalities of the Sierra Zongalica. Bob Freund 27/03/2006
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Modern fashion.
traditional blouses on sale in town
Tehuipango is the highest municipal capital in the Sierra Zongalica at almost 10, 000 feet. It is a large town with many recent improvements. There is a new road which winds through some of the most beautiful scenery, it starts in Tequila and ends here (for the moment). The second half of the circuit is in process of being built and I see a bright future for Tehuipango. Traditional dress here is worn by some of the older generations and the newer fashion is a cotton or polyester dress with a distinct apron and reboso. In a store in "downtown" I was able to find both types of fashion statements on sale. I would put the use of Nahuatl at 95% in this municipality. There were many people of all generation that didn’t speak Spanish.

The local guide took us from place to place but it was obvious that she didn’t want to ask the older generation to participate. The guide eventually took us to a meeting of "Oportunidades", where we took pictures of people from another village from the district.

There is a archeological site under development which is very large and extends over 5 kilometers, we went at a peripheral area where it was possible to get an idea of the immensity of the site. The large ceremonial center was off limits during excavation. See the Ruins button on the Tehuipango Home page.