Tepetlampa, Tehuipango , Vera Cruz is a small village located in this district. Many women of all ages still wear the traditional black wool wrap skirt and blouse with lace. Bob Freund 27/03/2006
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The bag she is holding is from the Oppurtunities Program ( 2/06)
Traditional dress note the
ribbons in her hair
During the visit to Tehuipango we waited around for a class for the government program “Oppurtunites” to be finished. The women taking the class were from the village of Tepetlampa. None of them spoke Spanish and with the help of the guide and translator assigned by the village leader we were able to get these wonderful shots of a number of women wearing the traditional black wool wrap skirt. These are the moments I really love, when we start to have fun with the pictures as more and more women decided to participate. In these pictures you can see the change in fashion headed towards the modern.
Many people from this region go to the US to work and the people here are familiar with Americans. This does not mean that a person can waltz into town and start taking pictures, please be respectful and remember that these town are just now opening up to the world. The language barrier is a large one.