Hueyapan, Morelos is a very traditional village which has many weavers who use back-strap looms. They create a variety to products such as ponchos, shawls, quechquemitl and blankets. The black wool wrap skirt can still be seen in the villages.
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Hueyapan is located on a small country road near the municipal capital of Tetela Del Volcan. There is a strong weaving tradition in the town and apart from the women’s costume there are many men that wear a traditional jorongo (poncho) during the colder months. The town is located high on the slopes of the volcanic range and the climate is cooler than the valley towns. There are a number of weaving collectives in the town; I was able to gather this information with the help of The rural Women of Morelos, an organization of women from poorer towns of Morelos, which produce any number of crafts and food product. The mother of the leader of this group gladly posed for these pictures her name is Maria Asuncion Martinez. During my visit to the town I notice many older women still using the chinquete or black wool wrap skirt. The black reboso and red back strap woven belt are also produced in the town and on future visits I will document the belts in more detail. I have included in the last photo a series of designs used in the crafts produced in the village.