San Juan Ocotepec is a small village on the slope of Popocatepetl volcano. Traditional dress is limited to a few elderly ladies. There was traditional dance at the town festival on June 24th; interestingly the dancers were mostly women.
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The dance was very unique since the majority of dancers were women. This is highly unusual, especially in this dance where the battle between good and evil takes the form of a machete (sword) fight between the Spanish (good) and the Moors (evil) the dance is very allegorical and goes on for quite some time. The women were all young girls with some young men also participating.

The traditional dress I observed here was a shiny synthetic blouse and skirts with lace and an apron. Under the over blouse was a embroidered blouse and an embroidered slip. I made a deal with Petra Romero Torres, that when I returned with her photo she would let me take pictures of her embroidered slips and the other blouses she has.