Santa Cruz is a very small village which no longer has indigenous dress. There is however a large number of women that still weave on back strap looms. Typical crafts include shawls, ponchos, blankets, quechquemitl and reboso’s.
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Santa Cruz is a small town just on the border between the states of Puebla and Morelos. There continues to be a strong weaving tradition there, with about 20 percent of the town still weaving wool shawls, ponchos and other crafts. The traditional dress is almost non existent except for the more or less typical village dress. I was un able to find any embroidered blouses. That is not to say there isn’t any there, however I arrive right before a rain and hail storm and to complicate matter it was the week of the Pear harvest. This meant that most people were in the orchards harvesting. Two people helped me by showing me their wares. The full name of the town is still a mystery, the only map I have with the towns name has a map symbol on top of the beginning of the name.