Tianguismanalco, Puebla is a large orderly Nahua town. Nahua is spoken by many people both at home and the in street. The tapestry embroidered blouses are now worn only by the older generations in a very limited way. Bob Freund 6/25/2005 For more information contact: info@mexicantextiles.com

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This is the first update for San Juan Tianguismanalco since my first visit there in 1993, the town has changed incredible with all of the street paved and many new building and home constructed. I was told that the PAN political party has been in power of for past 10 years. The festival of San Juan was a large procession and some music and dances. I was unable to hang around for the entire day but it was looking like fun and I had Ben invited to eat at the home of the Mayor Domo. When I first arrive a the town I was taken by he town secretary to the home of Lorenzo Mendez who has a large dance troop of traditional dancers and is in general the de facto cultural person in the town. He was very interested in the textile project and we spoke at length about the textiles of the town. It turns out that, like most towns in transition, that only the older generation still wore embroidered blouses and the embroidered slip. Both of these garments are worn under the skirt and over blouse.

I noticed that his mother was wearing an embroidered blouse underneath her over blouse and as the discussion progressed we decided that she would take of the over blouse for the pictures so we could see the embroidered. The blouse had been purchased from another person in the town and she was upset because her dress blouse had been loaded to a relative and had not been returned. there was debate about whether to go ask for it but finally it was decided that it would not be proper to ask for it. Luisa Rujano Vazquez is her name and she was a happy and willing participant. She spoke Nahua to her son and daughter in law.

The traditional blouse is a tapestry stitch and the example of the blouse that I saw were all roses and that is the same as the piece in my collection. Lorenzo broke out a slip which was heavily embroidered and had price tag out 1500 pesos (150 bucks) on it.