Magdelena Yancuitlalpan has a strong textile tradition with all generations wearing the embroidered blouse. As I found out, this blouse in changing rapidly but still maintains a strong indigenous style. This is the third update of this gallery.
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This is the second update to this village; it has a very strong textile culture and remains one of the principle embroidery centers on this side of the volcanoes. In Atlixco I visited with Sra. Marie Pacheco, one of the founders of the festival in Atlxico which takes place in September. The festival celebrates the indigenous traditions and people in the area, it is called Atlixcali. In the third picture, dancers from Magdelena are making there way to the festival to dance Sra. Pacheco showed me blouses from the past of Atlixco and the white blouses in the gallery are near thirty years old. They have a pulled design work ( deshilado) and unique ruffled or pleated sleeves. She also directed me to a family where they embroider and commercialize the garments made in Magdelena. While in the town, Guadalupe Altimarino let me take her pictures as part of this gallery. The family also brought out examples of different embroidery and bead work still made in Magdelena. Although the beaded blouses and pepinando ( smocked) blouses are rare they are still possible to have made. The first picture is a composite of blouses taken I a local store the next are blouses from the collection.