Zoatecpan, Puebla is a major embroidery center in the Sierra region. There are hundreds of embroiderers working there and in surrounding towns. There is a textile collective that is working to market their embroidery and other crafts.
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Austraberta Lazero Reyes and her daughter.
View of town from the shrine
Historical blouse gifited in 1972
The blouse from the collection was purchased in Cuetzalan in 1993 after visit this town a number in 9/2004 a number of pieces were identified. On this page the first blouse and the historical blouse . the blue blouse was givien to me in 1972 by a friend after all these year I was finally able to confirm where it was from. Austraberta Lazero Reyes is one of the leader of the town embroidery collective, on the following pages there are many examples of the types of embroidery they make in town.
The towns political system is the traditional "usos and costumbre" which means that there are no political parties but rather the traditional system of appointed leaders. Many of the roads into town have been recently paved, there is a sacred site up on the hill.