Santa Cruz or Emilio Carranza, a Nahua village, this village is one of four pottery producing towns in the Zaulta region of the Sierra Norte of Puebla. The traditional dress includes an embroidered blouse, backstrap woven belt a white skirt and a unique half skirt that wraps around from the back. The slip has crocheted on the bottom while the skirt is embroidery around the hem. Bob Freund 9/4/2006
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Ever wonder what is on the other side of the mountain? Well its Santa Cruz or otherwise known as Emilio Carranza. It never ceases to amaze my how much there is to learn about Mexico. This town was located by a series of unrelated events. In 9/2004 I stopped in the clay producing town of Tenextatiloyan for a break. During the stop I ended up having a beer with the locals and I took their pictures. On the same trip as I left the Sierra and passed through the town again I noticed a woman standing on the side of the road wearing a costume. My beer buddies had told me there was no costume in town... it could only mean there was another town beyond. When returned to deliver the picture of the beer boys (10/2005) the owner of the store where we had met, turned out to now be part of the local government. After we spoke for a while, I told him about what I had seen, he took me outside and said that on the other side of yonder mountain was were the costume came from.

After a 30 minute drive we dropped down into the Zaulta valley where Santa Cruz is located. Armed with the name of the municipal president, I approached the government offices. The president and the other officials were very open and offered to take me around to the few remaining people that worn traditional costume. That is how I met Rosa Salsedo Martinez; the police told me that she always dress in the most immaculate costume. The skirt is very unique in that there is a piece that warps around from the back. It is always wonderful to find a town like this.