Tenampulco has a limited weaving tradition and is better know as a town that makes pulque, a fermented cactus drink.
Bob Freund 9/4/2006
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Prismatic cliffs
Belt worn in Santa Cruz
Pulque maguey
The town of Tenampulco is located beyond the municipal capital of Zautla . During the visit to Santa Cruz we were told that the belts worn in Santa Cruz were woven in Tenampulco. Off we go to find them. The town is dispersed and located at the foot of an impressive formation that looks to be an ancient volcanic chimney. The rocks seem to be in columns of prismatic rocks.

The real fame of the town is its pulque, it was a bit difficult to get information because the town is really small and know one was around. Eventually at a store we were sent off to this home pictures in the galleries. The grandmother was still weaving and we found a belt she had woven that confirmed that there were indeed woven here. Marco and Alicia a couple from New York hold some of the crafts woven in the village.