Enthavi, Temoaya, State of mexico and Otomi town by Bob Freund 9/23/2005 for more information contact:


The town of Enthavi is located just north of the municipal capital Temoaya new road building has made this town more accessible in the last few years. The people of the town wear traditional costume and dress as well as speak the Otomi language. The town is divided into sections for fiscal reasons and the people often refer to the where they live as Enthavi section 1. This woman, Elogia Crysanta Irenyo is from section 1. It was possible to drive from Solalpan due to a connector road, each of these towns are located on an oppossing ridge. The traditional dress consists of a back strap woven belt, a handed loomed stripped wool wrap skirt, a embroidered or crocheted blouse / slip and a transparent "saco" or over blouse. The State of Mexico is home to a large group of Otomi peoples and the Otomi ceremonial center is located near these towns. The crafts here consist of brooms, embroidered blouses, embroidered napkins and table cloths with typical Mexican designs.