Molino Abajo, Temoaya, State of Mexico and Otomi town by Bob Freund 9/23/2005 for more information contact:
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Molina Abajo is a small town just south of the entrance of the town of Temoaya. On the first trip to Temoaya, we stopped at the home of a carpet weaver and ended up ordering a carpet. He and his family were very willing to talk about all things Otomi and how the rugs are made and the elements traditional dress. On this trip (9/05) I stopped there and his wife took out her traditional dress and put them out for me the photograph. I did notice that the lower village tends to wear the cowboy hat while the upper villages I saw less hats in use. The cowboy hat is a fairly common Otomi accessory. This family can weave very wide carpets as you can see on the following pages.