Temoaya, State of Mexico and Otomi municpality and town by Bob Freund 9/23/2005 for more information contact:
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The Otomi of Temoaya, State of Mexico all wear a very similar tradition costume / dress. What I did notice was a lot of women do not wear the embroidered top or the see through over blouse but almost all wear the cincutes or woven wrap skirt. I was taken to the shop of Demetrio Gonzalez who weaves these wool wrap skirts. He has a stand in the Sunday market were he sells these the wrap skirts. A few years ago my friend and I went to purchase a costume in the town and I took these pictures of Dolores Alquicira being dressed up in costume. You can see how the wrap skirt is pleated manually and held together with the belt. The skirts come in two lengths and almost all have the white poplin added to it. The 60 and the 80 cm has there are 26 different styles of lines or rayas. The poplin portion of the wrap skirt is worn up and the back strap woven belt is used to hold it up.

Temoaya is known for its knotted carpets which have for over 40 years been a mainstay of the indigenous crafts in the region. The first picture on the bottom row shows the tradition " ropa tipica" of Temoaya.