San Juan Atzingo is a small Popoluca village in the municipality of Chilac Puebla. It is one of the few towns in the area that still speak Popoluca. The simple peasant blouse and skirt are woern by a small number of elderly woman.
Bob Freund 10/1/2006
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On a recent trip to San Gabriel Chilac, I was told about a Popoluca community up in the hills above the town. There were signs showing the way to the town. Which I then followed down into the dry river bed and finally up a new dirt road. The town itself is interesting, there were many stone walls. After driving through the town I say a few elderly women still wearing the peasant blouse. What is interesting this blouse is also seen in many other villages although they the other village speak Nahuatl, they are actually Popoluca.
This town does a lot of embroidery for the wholesalers in Chilac.

As I often do I started roaming around the town, explaining myself and finally directed up the hill where I finally found this family. The mother had fallen and here back was sore, however she agreed to let me take here picture. The blouse is made of commercial cotton or synthetic fabric and lace is added for accent. I have seen a few different versions which include the upper part of the blouse as a different color material.

A note about the signs showing how to get to San Juan in Chilac... after I was in San Juan for a while someone asked me how I liked the new bridge? What bridge, I asked... well I was able to see it on the way back , but never found the way on it. Back down into the dry river and then up the dirst road again...