Janitzio, Michoacan, is one of the populated islands in Lake Patzcuaro. There is a ferry that brings tourists there daily. There are two costumes worn in town, the festival and day-to-day. Pictured here is the festival costume. .
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Morelos en Janitzio
day of dead alter
janitzio fishermen
janitzio fishermen 2
The island of Janitzio is a major tourist attraction in Lake Patzcuaro. Launches carry tourist and workers to the island daily. There are many handicraft stores and a giant statue at the top of the island. During a visit for the Day of the Dead, I took these pictures of a few altars.

In the first image, you can see a costume worn by a honey vendor. The delantal is incredible, in fact, so is the blouse. There is a distinct day-to-day costume worn on the island, but as of this date I have not been able to get a good picture of it.

The fishermen are out on the lake when the tourists float by. They use a distinct type of net called a butterfly net. They are fishing for chale, a small fish, which is fried and eaten like French fries. The funny part about this is that the fishermen came over and ask for money for taking their picture, probably because the fishing isn’t that good. Hey, what the heck, might as well. . I chipped in.

Jaracuaro is a town located on north shore of Lake Patzcuaro. When I entered the town I immediately saw some women in embroidered blouses.