Jaracuaro is a town located on north shore of Lake Patzcuaro. When I entered the town I immediately saw some women in embroidered blouses.Bob Freund 7/7/2005 For more information please contact: info@mexicantextiles.com

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Jaracuaro was an interesting town to visit. It is located on a peninsula, which probably means that it was an island at some time in the past. It retains many of the conservative characteristics of the Patzcuaro Island communities. When I first arrived, I went to see the town leader, who sent me to a workshop where they were getting ready to form hats on a press. Inside the building there was a woman in traditional dress, who posed for the picture holding the hat.

In front of the church there were a few people talking and we became engaged in conversation, They gave me some advice about who would have textiles and might be interested in having their picture taken. During the conversation, one of the women offered up an interesting view about men. She said that men are like kites, they need a woman to hold them. All the other women agreed.

After I struck out in a few places looking for a participant, I again ran into these women who agreed (for a price) to participate. We went back to their home and they changed into their finest. Then they dressed the granddaughter up also.