Patzcuaro is the center of the P’urhépechas region around the lake. The town is mestizo but has a large indigenous population. During festivals particularly Day of the dead, the town in filled with textiles and other crafts. Bob Freund 7/7/2005
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1_day of dead
Patzcuaro, with an amazing array of handicrafts and colonial buildings, is a wonderful town to visit. The altitude of 7200 feet keeps the temperatures moderate and even chilly in the winter and early spring. On this and the following pages there are pictures of crafts from the surrounding area and beyond. The colonial buildings are picturesque and well maintained. Although the town is mestizo there is an enormous influence from the indigenous peoples that surround the town. There are many workshops that weave cotton bedspreads and table cloths and bolts of colorful material. Enjoy the pages. I'm not going to explain them but if you would like to see the town, Day of the Dead is a perfect time since there's a giant festival in town with crafts from all over Michoacan. The photos of altars and candy skulls, etc., were taken at that time.