Santa Clara is a town dedicated to working copper into just about any thing you can imagine. The textile tradition of the town seems to have completely disappeared. Bob Freund 7/7/2005 For more information contact: Return to Purepechas of Lake Patzcuaro Region

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Santa Clara has cooper mines nearby but they are no longer active. One of the crafts people told me that the Mexican government recycles all of their copper here. The town is a national monument and it is clear why when you enter the town. The skilled craftsmen turn copper into some of the most wonderful pots, pitchers, wall decorations, lamps, and well… just about anything you can imagine. The town festival takes place August 10 to 17. The streets are filled with copper products from many of the small home workshops, as well as the larger factories.
There doesn’t seem to be any textile tradition left in the town, but I have included it here due to its interest as a major crafts town.