On my brief visit to Uricho, I immediately found a woman will to participate in the study. There was also a woman there from near Zacapu, who gave me a lead to more embroidery villages north of Uricho. Bob Freund 7/7/2005 for more information contact: info@mexicantextiles.com

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Uricho was a town suggested to me by a priest from a nearby parish. He was kind enough to point out the traditional villages along the shore and save me a lot of time. Immediately when I entered the town I remembered I had been here before but was then looking for mask makers.
On the street two women were talking. I approached them and one agreed to participate in a photo shot. These street type shots are tough, since they are taken in the “here and now” and don’t leave a lot of time for posing, plus it was really hot! Marta Lazara Felipe stepped right up and stood in a number of different places here in the center of town.
I am convinced that blue flowers are the hands-down favorite of the Purepechas that live around the lake. If you notice, many of the pictures have them embroidered on the blouses.
There was another woman who was selling a giant clay tamale cooker and gave me some tips about another region around the town of Zacapu… a textile-documenter’s work is never done, especially in Michoacan!