Navenchauc, Chiapas a Tzotzil village.
Web gallery by Bob Freund
with particiaption of Karen Elwell and Tom Aleto, Narratives by Karen Elwell 9/2005


tzotzil of Navenchauc huipil
tzotzil of Navenchauc huipl2
The famous weaving community of Navenchauc is also located along the highway.It´s hard to miss Navenchauc because there is a shallow lake in the middle of the town. Navenchauc is a hamlet/paraje of Zinacantan it´s name means "the lake of the lightening." The weaving and embroidery traditions of Navenchauc have been studied by many anthropologists since the 1960´s.Navenchauc is locted on the south side of the Pan-American Highway between San Cristobal and Tuxtla. Stalls along the highway sell the local weavings and embroideries.We bought a unique huipil from Navenchauc at a street market in San Cristobal. It looks like it was made for a woman or girl making the pilgrimage to the famous shrine of the Virgen of Juquila in Oaxaca. The spelling of Chiapas as "Chiapaz" is seen frequently in San Cristobal and expresses hope that someday the war and turmoil of this state may end.