San Melchor Betaza, a Zapotec town in the Sierra Juarez of Oaxaca in the district of Villa Alta, traditional huipil and skirts are still worn. The alpine view from the town are amazing. Bob Freund 12/30/2004 For more information contact:

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This map is old ( 1994), but demonstrates how forgotten this villages are, 500 years after the conquest and still no paved road. You can enter from 175 at Ixtlan or from Tlacolula before Mitla on rt 190.The highway from Tlacolula is newer and allows better access. The road winds through beautiful pine forests and open fields the mountain vista are incredible (see mountains on the home page). Betaza is a traditional alpine Zapotec village located in the Sierra Juarez it is in the district of Villa Alta.
There are many steep hillsides where traditional agriculture is the only way to grow crops. In the picture above you can see a women walking on a path in between planted fields inside of the town. The day-to-day costumes are no longer hand loomed in general; made from fine white commercial poplin. As I roamed, the town I people directed me to this woman who it turns out this woman made the shirts I exported in 1975. She is still in business providing the Camisa Yalalag which is a muslin shirt with a pleated bib. She also makes traditional costumes for the community and resale. Although I have not been to the towns festival I suspect that the older hand loomed huipils come out for special occasions