Cajones has begun to spin silk and weave the threads into rebosos and scarfs. It is located on the new Sierra Norte highway near Yaganiza. This small Zapotec conserves much of the Zapotec tradition. Bob Freund for more infomation contact: 12/30/2004
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Cajones is a small Zapotec village that is located in the Sierra Juarez, the new Sierra highway from Tlacalula will eventually take you there. During a recent Festival in Coyoacan D.F. Mexico City, I became aware that the artisans from Cajones were again spinning silk and weaving them into rebosos and scarfs. Pictured here are silk cocoons and a women hand spinning the thread. As I watched here spin I noticed that she was wearing a machine embroidered blouse, to my surprise it was the same as a blouse that had remained unidentified for years in the collection. She showed me her blouse and she had actually brought one to sell along with the slip. As is the case in many places the blouse is worn underneath like a tee shirt.