San Pablo Yaganiza, a Zapotec town in the Sierra Juarez of Oaxaca population of 1200. The name of the town is derived from the Zapotec language an means " tree of water".
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This map is old (1994), but demonstrates how forgotten these villages are. In Mexico corruption is rampant and money for roads was often used for other purposes. Now a new paved road reaches this village (2004). From the main road out of Oaxaca heading south toward Mitla, you exit at Tlacolula and head up into the Sierra Juarez. Make sure you have a current map.
The town of Yaganiza was just starting to come out of its long sleep. New construction was everywhere and modernization was obvious. More than a few people commented on the difference since the end of one party rule.
The house pictured here is a traditional adobe home with bamboo on the older part and metal roofing on the repaired section. In front of the house there is an alter with a blue cross on the street. The improvements in Yaganiza are so recent that the words on the wall are not finished. It says “Yaganiza conserve you language, your traditions and (will say) customs” The statue is an example of the costume from the village.
To me this pictures says it all about what is happening in the Sierra, on the right wall the shadow of a TV satellite, in front a elderly woman in traditional dress behind her a generation later in typical village dress and walking on the left a girl in modern dress, jeans and a tee shirt. In the last picture there is a newly paved street, I was told they waited 50 years to have the street paved.