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Nahua of Nauzontla Puebla
Information from SIL about the Nahuatl language

Nauzontla is a municipality located in the Sierra Norte of Puebla, there is a large Nahuatl speaking minority here. Although traditional attire has all but disappeared the customs and language remains strong.

Nauzontla is about to benefit from a new road that will connect Jonotla, Zoquiapan and Nauzontla eliminating a long up hill drive to the Junction of the Inter sierra highway and the road to Cuetzalan.

The Nahua are the largest indigenous group in Mexico, there is close to 2 million Nahua living in distinct areas of the Mexican Republic, including in some out lying parts of the Mexican capital. The Nahua are the descendents of the Aztecs and direct heirs to their language and culture. Many Nahua areas maintain strong roots to the pre-Hispanic cultures.

The Nahua of the Sierra norte region share territorial borders with the Totonaca. This region was part of the Totanacan Empire which was called Totanacapan; the Nahua conquered this region in the 1500 century and force the Totonaca out of the area. The Nahua surrounding Cuetzalan and nearby regions have maintained their strong cultural roots and language. It is difficult to say how many "Nahua" live in the region, because it depends on how large you draw your circle; however including Xochitlan, Zacapoaxtla and Hueyapan region, an estimate would be around 100000. The costume of the region seems at first glance to be the same; however each village has a variation which allows the locals to tell immediately which village the person is from. The type of belt, style of quechquemitl, the cut of the blouse or the way they wear their hair can all be identifying factors.