Rancho Santa Ana
Nahua of Hidalgo

This page is going to change, the size and scope of the textiles in the Nahua of Hidalgo region is such that this page will direct you to various pages each representing a group of villages. Such as Nahua of Huautla , Nahua of Huejutla, Nahua of Huazalingo etc... The buttom for the Nahua of Huautla is working on this page and will take you to 5 villages.

The Nahua are the largest indigenous group in Mexico, there is close to 2 million Nahua living in distinct areas of the Mexican Republic, including in some out lying parts of the Mexican capital. The Nahua are the descendents of the Aztecs and direct heir to their language and culture. Many areas maintain strong roots to the pre-Hispanic cultures. The presence of spirits which are the reason and motivation for many human action, need to be appeased and this is done in dual ceremonies both Christian and pre-Columbian.

The Nahua of Hidalgo are located in the north eastern part of the State along the border with Vera Cruz and San Luis Potosi. In many towns which are located in the Sierra Huasteca they remain monolingual. The Nahua language is full of dialects and differences to such a degree that many areas are unable to communicate with one another. In this study there are many groups of Nahua which I have broken up into areas where they are concentrated.