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Totonaco of Camocuatla, Puebla
Posada Totonaca

The name of the town originates from a combination of two Nahuatl words the first is “Camotl” and the second is “Cuatla” making the town's name the mountain of the sweet potatoes. The town was founded by Nahua and Totonacan speakers in pre-Columbian times. Today the town is entirely Totonacan speaking and is located in the heart of what was once the Totonacapan.

There is a new road leading down to the town and it must have taken some time to build because it is a very steep downhill drive to get to the village probably, it took 15 minutes in my car. I said to myself that the town is located in a hole. The streets of the town are paved and there are paths that are also steps of concrete.

The town has two churches and there are three different celebrations in the month of December, the 8th for Immaculate Conception, the 12th for the Virgin of Guadalupe and the 25 Christmas day. On Christmas day there are a masses, procession, fireworks, and dances including the Negritos, Quetzales, Voladores, Tejadores and Huehues.

During my brief visit I found a couple of embroiders who sell to the local population, there are probably 3 generation of women that wear the traditional attire. During my visit I noticed a number of women also wearing modern clothing. They also embroidered napkins and table cloths.