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Identity- The word "triqui" is a derived fom the word "driqui", of the triqui language, consisting of "dri", from dre: "father", and qui: "great" or "superior". When Spaniards invaded these towns, the head of the clan called themselves "supreme Sir", and he was the authority of the community. The Spaniards called these leaders "triquis", a term that degenerated into the name triqui. Triquis of Copala call themselves "tinujei" which means "brother mine".
Location The triqui region includes a low zone, the municipal seat is San Juan Copala, and a highland area whose municipla seat is in San Andrés Chicahuaxtla. Between the highlands and the lowlands, there are certain cultural variations, among them some dialect differences. Triquis live in the west of Oaxaca, in the towns of San Andrés Chicahuaxtla and Santo Domingo of the State, district of Putla; San Martín Itunyoso and San jOse Xochixtlán, district of Tlaxiaco; and San Juan and San Miguel Copala, of the district of Juxtlahuaca. The population of San Juan Copala is compact; however, those of San Andrés, Santo Domingo of the State and San Martín Itunyoso are more dispersed. This region is a "cultural island", because it is in the middle of the Mixteca.region