Papel Amate Traditional Ceremonial cuttings- The Otomi Indian are the fifth largest Indian group in Mexico, they live in a five state area. Many Otomi pueblos are located deep in the remote areas of the region know as the Hausteca. These villages still retain strong currents of traditional beliefs and customs. Theirs is a view of the world filled with a pantheon of invisible spirits. These spirits , good and evil, affect every aspect of life. They hold Zaki ( life forces) and Na Xudi the ( shadow side)of all things. Many events from building a house, death, arguments with neighbors , successful harvest or even love, are explained by the presence of the spirits. The shaman use beautiful paper dolls (Dahi) cut from handmade amate paper to represent and manipulate these forces. They conduct cleansings, healings and “costumbres” ( ritual ceremonies) with the “Dahi” to heal and protect the villagers. These figures are representations of these “spirits ” and are intended share these amazing designs with the world.

agila de dos cabezas agila de dos cabezasA agila de dos cabezasAbw avacado banana calabaza
agila de dos cab... agila de dos cab... agila de dos cab... avacado.jpg banana.jpg calabaza.jpg
calabazaA cane coffee corn cornA chile
calabazaA.jpg cane.jpg coffee.jpg corn.jpg cornA.jpg chile.jpg
devil with four feet eagle espinosa gayuaba granada huaxi
devil with four ... eagle.jpg espinosa.jpg gayuaba.jpg granada.jpg huaxi.jpg
jicama jitomate de hoja lord of Bees mango orange Pajaro de cuatro cabezas
jicama.jpg jitomate de hoja... lord of Bees.jpg mango.jpg orange.jpg Pajaro de cuatro...
pajaro del monte pajaro del monteA pajaro del monteB pajaro muerto pajaros pealiando papaya
pajaro del monte... pajaro del monte... pajaro del monte... pajaro muerto.jpg pajaros pealiand... papaya.jpg
peanut peanutA pelea de pajaro pelea de pajaroA pelea de pajaroB piña
peanut.jpg peanutA.jpg pelea de pajaro.jpg pelea de pajaroA... pelea de pajaroB... piña.jpg
presidente de infiero presidente de infieroBW senor del monte senor del monte_birds senora de monrteBW senora de monte
presidente de in... presidente de in... senor del monte.jpg senor del monte_... senora de monrte... senora de monte.jpg
sesame tomato
sesame.jpg tomato.jpg