Las Minas is a Amusgo community in the Tlacochizlahuaca district , the town is small with about 300 people, they weave table cloths on very long looms as well as embroider and make beaded blouses. They are on nearest neighbors are Nahua and Mixtec. Bob Freund 2/18/2005
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Las Minas has been on the list to visit for many years, the town in located on a narrow dirt road just outside of Tlacochizlahuaca. When I arrived in the town, it was obvious by the people walking around that the town was a blend on meztiso and Amusgo. Few women were wearing huipils. There were however, a number of people with looms visible in their homes. I was astonished at the length of the loom used here to weave a tablecloth 3 meters (10 feet long). The tablecloth requires three panels to be sewn together each being 10 feet long. That would make the loom over 40 feet long the photos in the upper right top row shows the loom.
As I introduced my purpose, and myself a woman approached me and said that her mother would like to participate in the project. We went to her house and the mother Otilla Diaz had on her day-to-day huipil, it was hand woven cotton with blue brocade on the sleeve. After we shot some photos in the day-to-day huipil, she changed into her dress huipil, which was a back strap woven cotton brocade huipil with many colors.
The town is small and rustic, large patios and outdoor kitchens are common here.