Cochoapa, an Amusgo town near Ometepec Guerrero, beaded blouses and back-strap woven textiles.
Bob Freund 4/1/2005
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Cochoapa is one of those towns is clearly in transition due to modernism. The town is located closer to Ometepec and here the younger generation has given up their huipil (3/05). The town has many paved streets and a well marked entrance road from the main highway. On a trip back from Zacualpan I happen to notice a woman walking out from the town with an all white huipil, immediately I turned and went into the town. At first, the town seems to have no costume, and then I noticed some young women in a courtyard making beaded blouses. The next day I returned and on the corner of a small street market I noticed two women in huipil. After we spoke for a while they explained that only the older generation still wears huipils. The huipils were made from white commercial material, I saw two types of skirts, and in the first picture you can see in the back ground a woman who has a "typical" skirt with appliqué. Around the corner a man in traditional white muslin men's costume asked me if I would take his picture. The women there all commented that he stood up straight; apparently this guy has difficulty