Guadalupe Victoria is a huipil and textile-weaving town; it is part of the Xochistlahuaca district. Large back strap looms are busy all over town. Young women weave here some as young as 12 years old.
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This woman is known for her prolific weaving, she is working here on a loom about a yard wide. A side view of the loom, but it also shows the day-to-day dress of the people in this village. The sleeveless dress is decorated with an appliqué design. Brocading technique is a laborious process but creates these wonderful designs in the weaving. The design in created from memory, by counting threads and then inserting an individual thread to form the pattern. The weaving technique is brocading. Her loom is around 3 yards long and strung with blue and red threads. The last picture is a finished design, now imagine the overall length of the loom and the tequnique, it takes a month to finish this one piece.