Zacualpan, Guerrero an Amusgo town with a strong textile tradition. A group of women have formed a textile collective using there incredible talents to try to move out of poverty.Bob Freund 4/2/2005
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Zacualpan proves my three visit rule, in the case of many villages I need three visits to break though. After a visit in Feb 2005, I locate a group of women who were forming a collective. I took a few pictures and told them I would be back. It is hard to imagine how many times they have heard that! Well, I called and told them I would be back in March. They arranged for me to video tape and photograph a broad variety of textile processes. I was able to document their macramé, embroidery, weaving, bead work and the preparation of Coyuche cotton. These talented women are particular proud of there textile heritage and are working to protect it. If you go to the town ask for Edith Toledo near the church. Please visit the rest of the pages for this village to get a better idea of their work.

The picture on the lower left shows a woman preparing Coyuche cotton to be spun. this cotton is a naturally occurring brown cotton which has been used for traditional huipils in Zacualpan for years. The huipils are coarser due to the thickness of the hand spun threads. The preparation of the thread is time consuming as is the spinning but the results are a rare huipil.