San Miguel Agua Bendita, a small dispersed Mazahua community in the district of San José Rincon the State of Mexico, traditional dress includes the pleated skirt with lace and the Mazahua petticoat. Bob Freund 5/15/2005

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The small town of San Miguel Agua Bendita was recommended to me by the Regidor of the Municipal government of San Juan Rincon. He was kind enough to give me the name of a person who works on cultural issues in the town. There were many adventures working my way to and from this town, although if you get on the correct road it isn’t a problem. As luck would have it, I came upon a mother’s day celebration at the local school with lots of women wearing the costume of the day. There the daughter of my reference was working and helped me convince these women to have there pictures taken. The women all universally agreed that the woman in green on the top row was how they all used to dress. The other costumes seen on this page seemed to be the same but slightly different materials. There is a lot of cultural transition going on in this Mazahua town, yet as with many villages, during important event the better costumes come out. I have included a number of examples of the costume in this town. However the Mazahua slip or "Nahua" is ever present, it is a garment worn under the various layers of skirts and aprons and always has an embroidered trim.

The terrain here is high with altitudes in or around 7000 feet. The rainy season had not yet begun and was much anticipated. As I asked people to describe the area they always referred to it as green and beautiful.