San Miguel Agua Bendita, a small dispersed Mazahua community in the district of San José Rincon the State of Mexico, traditional dress includes the pleated skirt with lace and the Mazahua petticoat. Bob Freund 5/15/2005

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The festival included dances and entertainment on the part of the students and teachers. I never did find my reference person as some property owner had plowed over the road to her house. During my stay in the town I was given a guide to take me over to San Jeronimo de los Dolores, he was a nice guy who like many men of the older generation lamented the loss of his language and culture. With his help we proved that all the old roads over to San Jeronimo were not suitable for vehicles.
Each one of the women pictured here has a small badge on from the festival, so don’t think that that is part of the costume. When I return to this village to hand out these pictures, I will also get more detailed pictures of the embroidery on the "nahua" or slip.