Ayutla Mixe is the first large town as you ascend from Mitla, the traditonal dress here is only used for festivals and I would concider it extinct from day to day use.Bob Freund7/14/2004
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San Pablo Ayutla Mixe is the first large town on the way up from Mitla. It takes about 3 hours from Oaxaca City to get there
Since my last visit the town has made a number of improvements including a re vitalized down town area, paved roads and new buildings every where.
Mixe dress in this villages is basically a rebosos worn in the typical distinctive fashion and a contemporary blouse and skirt with an apron.
The town is situated on the side of a mountain, in most directions the views are spectacular.
The traditional costume of white muslin and machine embroidery and lace the costume is now used only for fiestas and festivals.
The reboso worn on the head this is a traditional form and continues in many Mixe villages.