The town of Igualapa is located in the Costa Chica region of Guerrero, the town is a mix of Mixtec , Tlapaneco and Meztiso. The festival depicted here the third Friday of Lent. There are pilgrimages from Mixtec, Nahua, Amusgo and Tachuate indigenous peoples.
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The towns name has evolved from Nahua which meant, "Place where there is water" to the current Spanish version "Igualapa" and has the accepted meaning of "River of the Messenger". Igualapa is included within the Mixtec of Guerrero because Mixtec predominates the indigenous speakers in the town with Tlapaneco and Mixtec spoken in the surrounding villages. The annual festival Día del Santo Cristo de lgualapa is celebrated with a large festival market, traditional dances and pilgrimages from many indigenous towns in both Oaxaca and Guerrero. Among the different groups to make the pilgrimage are the Amusgo, Mixtec, Tlapaneco, Tacuates and Chatino. During the weeklong celebration, many different indigenous costumes can be seen. The festival is the third Friday of Lent.
The town is mentioned in the Codice of Azoyu as having been settled in the 1300 century by Mixtec and Tlapaneco peoples with the arrival of fleeing Toltecs other settlements were founded. The Aztecs conquered the region in the 1457 and establish a military strong hold in Igualapa from where they collected tribute.