San Cristobal is a MIxtec town in the district of Tlacochistlahuaca. There are only a few women that wear the white huipil from this town. Pottey is the main handicraft in the town. Bob Freund 5/2/2005 Return to Mixtec of Guerrero home page
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During a visit to the town of Santa Maria in search of a costume which has an embroidered blouse I was directed to San Cristobal as a village which still has a huipil. There are possibly 15 or 20 people in town that still wear the huipuil. It is similar to the near by Chacalapa huipil. The owner of this pottery work shop was showing me the local crafts and there sitting on the floor was Tia Celestina in her huipil. Sra. Sida Torivio Leal , the owner, had given her work breaking the hard clay rocks into powder with a stone. She explained to me that Tia Celestina had no support and this ws a way of giving her something to do and for her to earn money.
The pottery is rustic but functional, it is used in many local communities, there is an interesting style in the shape of a gourd. The gourd is used in many indigenous household and this pottery mimics it.
The district of Talcoachistlahuaca has two ethnic groups in it, Amusgo and Mixtec.