Santa Maria Coapa is a right next to Tehuacan, there are many older generation women that still wear traditional indigenous dress. During a visit I saw 5 different traditional costumes being worn. The surrounding indigenous people do business here.
Bob Freund 7/20/06
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Even though a woman may marry and leave her village, she still wears the traditional blouse from her town; we can see that is the first picture. The second woman is wearing the traditional blouse from Santa Maria; it looks like a combination of the blouse from Altepexi and Chilac.

The town of Santa Maria Coapa is known for its tortilla, on almost every street there are women making hand made tortilla. In the photos about Elvira de Jesus Morales is making tortillas in her home. There were 4 people involved and she was really moving making at least 6 at a time.