Atempa, Calnali, Hidalgo a Nahua village. Bob Freund 3/17/2005 Click here to return to Nahua_Calnali home page For more information contact:
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Atempa is off the new road between Calnali and Atlapexco Hidalgo. The town is in a canyon 32 miles from the road and has a medicinal hot spring. The women are gradually losing their traditional costume, with only about 30 percent still using the embroidered blouses. The blouses have a tapestry-stitched floral design and machine designs around the yoke of the blouse. When I visited the village, the town leader took me around and had these women pose for the project. The hot spring has been developed and is now a lot more accessible because the new road passes close by. In the first picture you can see the town in the valley from above where the dirt road starts. It is a steep downhill but the road is graded and in fair condition (2/2005).