Pahcatla, Yahualica, Hidalgo , a Nahua village Bob Freund 3/17/2005 Return to Nahua of Calnali Home Page For more information please contact:


As I drove down the new highway between Calnali and Atlapexco, a side road called to me, so up I went. The road wound up the side of a mountain and I finally arrived at a town called Yahualica, which is a municipal capital. As I was presenting myself to the local authorities, these two women walked by. The authority asked them to pose for me. As it turned out, they were not from this town but a town called Pahcatla, which is part of the municipality. After visiting here I returned to the highway and looked for the road to Pahcatla near Atlapexco. After a while I found a very rough and rocky road that lead into the village. It was a very isolated place and I could find no authority to speak with. After roaming around and trying to convince some women to participate in the project without any luck, I left. The village is small and very traditional; there were many women wearing embroidered blouses. The main road in the town is paved. The river valley that the town is located in is tropical. The district of Yahualica deserves more attention.

A side note - As I was entering the town of Yahualica, there were three women walking on the road with the most amazing beaded blouses. The blouses sparkled in the afternoon sun. When I stopped, the women actually ran away, I found out later they are from a remote village that can only be reached by foot. Next time!!!!