Acatapec is a small Nahua town located on a high bluff near the municipal capital of Huautla, Hidalgo. The older women still wear embroidered blouses the older women only speak Nahua. While there the town leader encouraged these women to let me photograph them. Bob Freund 3/1/2005 Return to Nahua of Huautla Hidalgo Home Page
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While visiting Huautla a vendor informed me about the villages in this the galleries. As I explained to him my purpose, he gave me the names of this and other villages. Since I wanted to arrive in Huautla in the late afternoon for Carnival, I decided to enter by another route. After I passed the entrance 2 times, finally a dump truck made the turn in to the dirt road. It was a steep climb up to the top; the road was painted on the sides of a cliff. In a number of villages, I had noticed the women were sweeping the town, it is part of the carnival custom and most of the women were in traditional blouses. The town was small and was in the process of paving and building. The women were shy at first and did not want their pictures taken.
I found the "judge" and explained to him the textile project and he went and spoke to the women. Some still didn’t want there pictures taken , however after a few minutes these ladies were more than willing and some returned a couple of times. The embroidery was different on a number of blouses, yet in another town, when I showed them the images on the LCD of my camera they immediately identified the women and from Acatepec. Most if not all the women spoke little or no Spanish and if the "judge" had not helped these pictures would have been impossible.