Zacatipa is a small Nahua town in the mountains above Huautla. The town was in Carnival, but the town judge took time to help me get some photos of the embroidered blouses in town. The women also worm tlacoyales (hair braids) with wool balls on them. Bob Freund 3/2/2005 Return to Nahua of Huautla Home Page
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The small town of Zacatipa is located on a mountain near the municipal capital on Huautla Hidalgo. I was surprised at the variety of blouses being worn in town and it was obvious that there were cross currents of style and fashion between the various villages. The use of Tlacoyales in their braids was unique; I did not see that in other villages. The blouse on the top right is similar to embroidery in Coapantla, which could mean this woman was from Coapantla or just liked the style. She spoke no Spanish so it was hard to find out much. My guide , the town judge, was glad to bring me around to many houses to let me take the pictures. In these towns, the older people are very aware of the loss of culture and dress. The white blouse on the lower left is a dishilado or drawn thread design, it was the only one like it in the area. These embroidered blouses were in almost every household we went to, the grandmother would be there with their textiles and the younger generation in commercial clothing.